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Deloitte moves into Q22

More than 11,000 sqm, 10 floors, an innovative interior design and involvng employees in the process of designing their office in one of the most modern office buildings in Poland as well as a range of amenities facilitating effective work in a modern area – this is the characteristics of the new office of the Deloitte consulting company, which has just moved to its newly-opened Q22 office building has been developed by Echo Investment in Warsaw.
“We are glad to be able to welcome Deloitte to Q22 as it is famous for its innovativeness and the fact that its offices are places where its employees can develop their creativity and increase their efficiency. It is a partner that we like to cooperate with most because we share the same values. We are proud that we could create an office of the future for Deloitte,” says Nicklas Lindberg, president of Echo Investment.
“A change of seat is not just a change of address for us. We put the needs of people working for us in the spotlight and that is why we hope that a change in the philosophy of the office’s functioning, which have opted for, will strengthen communication, including the inter-generation communication. Furthermore, it will enable us to share knowledge more efficiently. Our new interior design makes us meet and talk to each other more often and that alone strengthens the process of knowledge and experience exchange,” says Marek Metrycki, president of Deloitte in Poland. “The change in the office’s functioning can also be observed by our clients. We have earmarked an area offering a spectaclar view of Warsaw panorama for client meetings,” he adds.
Deloitte chose Q22 because of the prestige of the building and its convenient location in the centre of Warsaw, near an underground station, the Central Station as well as some key transport lines, which is significant for employees and clients. Its high standard of finishing was also important as well as the option of designing the office in accordance with own needs.
“We wanted to create an office worthy of the 21st century, one that follows technological and cultural changes, where our company will be able to develop dynamically. At the same time we wanted the interior design of the new office to provide us with maximum efficiency and comfort regardless of the method of working,” comments Tomasz Kacprzak, financial director at Deloitte.
Employees design office
“We wanted our office to respond to employees’ needs. We invited employees from various departments and of various experience to work in discussion groups that expressed their opinions regarding ideas for the arrangement of the new office. Furthermore, we invited everyone to co-design the office and share their ideas on a specially created virtual platform of ideas,” points out Krzysztof Kwiecień, HR director at Deloitte in Poland and Central Europe. Employees could submit their ideas concerning e.g. the interior design, meeting rooms, the kitchen or the cafeteria. 1,500 votes were cast for 95 projects. The best ideas were awarded and the ones with the greatest potential were implemented in the new office. There were also special workshops for employees, which offered a possibility of participating in a discussion concerning amenities for cyclists and motorcyclists, which were planned in the building. A group of volunteers also tested various types of equipment, including chairs. A ‘show area’ was arranged in the company’s old office so as to present a sample of the interior design in its new office and enable everyone to test solutions planned.
Area for tasks rather than sitting at desks
In order to address employees’ and clients’ needs, the area occupied by Deloitte was mostly designed in accordance with the ‘Activity Based Workplace’ principles. The office was divided into special zones which vary from each other; they are used for informal meetings, team work, creative work, design work and relaxation.
The majority of area occupied by Deloitte is open space and the vast majority of desks are not attributed to concrete people (with the exception of directors and internal departments). During their absence all partners’ rooms are available to other employees as meeting rooms. The new office also includes small rooms for the execution of tasks that require focus and concentration. The building also features sound proofing and sound damping elements, there are also small rooms earmarked for telephone conversations. A lot of screens were also planned at the stage of designing the office area. They make it possible to reduce document printing. Thus the new system also supports environmental protection.
“Eighty per cent of our employees are less than 35 years old i.e. the so-called millennials. We had no doubts about the fact that we should adjust our new seat to the lifestyle and expectations of our employees, which result from their willingness to maintain work-life balance. Strict and static rules do not create favourable conditions for creative and effective work,” explains Krzysztof Kwiecień.
Office is not just for working in
Deloitte’s employees, clients and guests can use a cafeteria, which also includes areas designed for working. The cafeteria in Deloitte’s office, on the 20th floor, will be operated by the popular Green Caffè Nero chain of cafés. Employees will be able to order all hot and cold drinks, including fizzy drinks, free of charge. Coffee will be prepared by professional baristas and the service will be the same quality as in any other café of the chain. The café will also offer cold snacks, sandwiches, salads, quiches and sweet snacks. Employees will receive discount cards for their purchase. The operator of the café will also be responsible for barrow sales of sandwiches and dinner sets on all 10 floors of Deloitte’s office.
Apart from that there is a free of charge Fitness Club for all tenants’ employees and a large conference centre on the 14th floor of Q22. On the initiative of Deloitte there is also a child care room where children are looked after by professional babysitters/nannies. The ground floor of the building includes a restaurant, some cafés, a dry-cleaner’s and a travel agency. Its underground car park includes 118 bicycle parking spaces for cyclists who can also use a changing room including showers and a special workshop which offers the possibility of some minor repairs. Toilets on individual floors also include showers.
In the near future Deloitte will provide its employees with a special smartphone application which will not only include an interactive map of the office but also some information about amenities available all over the building and in its surrounding area. Zbigniew Kostrzewa and his IN DESIGN architectural studio are responsible for the interior design of Deloitte’s new office.


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